Digital Solutions and Downloads

ebm-papst Inc. offers a range of digital solutions to suit your needs.

EC-Control version 3.30
EC-Control is PC software for direct digital control of ebm-papst EC fan motors. It allows visualization and parameterization of both ebmBUS and MODBUS fan motors in individual equipment and in entire facilities.

EC Clone version 3.10
EC Clone is PC software to upload and download programs onto ebm-papst EC fan motors. It allows the ability to record, transfer and save the fans programming parameters.

ebm-papst FanScout - the perfect solution is just a click away. Selection and documentation of fans.

PC software for K4 motors and K4 external controllers. This intuitive Windows based tool will help to communicate with K4 products, set parameters and monitor operation via USB to RS485.

ebm-papst Xplore
Discover new perspectives: It´s all in your hands with ebm-papst Xplore on your mobile devices – be it smartphone or tablet computer. ebm-papst Xplore combines compact informations with fascinating applications to provide amazing views on products, technical components and processes with your camera.

AC vs ACi / ACmaxx Cost and Energy Calculator

ESM Fan Handheld Programmer Software Upgrade

Download the latest software for the ESM programmer.

ebm-papst Energy Savings Calculator - Version 1.1
This energy savings calculator provides users with a tool to calculate the potential savings from upgrading their existing equipment using AC fans, to using new EC fans.

W1G200 with diameter expansion ring - ZIP

Market Solutions Tool
The Market Solutions Tool focuses on various industry markets and showcases the products ebm-papst offers as solutions to those applications.


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