Social Media

An overview of our most important channels.

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Facebook is the largest social network in the World Wide Web.

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YouTube is a video sharing website. Make sure to visit the RPM playlist to watch and learn more about ebm-papst.


Twitter is a blogging platform on which private individuals, companies, opinion makers and journalists can spread messages with a maximum of 140 characters.


LinkedIn is the best-known business network. Here, individual persons can make or maintain business contacts and companies can present themselves.

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Instagram, a community of more than 300 million who capture and share the world's moments on the service.

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An overview of our Social Media activities.

Notable posts from ebm-papst Social Media

Information and videos you see here are examples from various ebm-papst posts, derived from all platforms.

ebm-papst RPM video series

ebm-papst Inc. is introducing a new online video series titled “ebm-papst RPM” (Resource Product Module). Each RPM episode will be hosted through our ebm-papst YouTube channel and promoted on a multiplatform level including our website, IEEE Globalspec, and distributor websites. ebm-papst RPM is a tool for customers and engineers alike to educate themselves on our products and technology and to generate further interest in what ebm-papst has to offer. Visit our YouTube channel to watch!

Scandlines saves 2 million kWh a year with ebm-papst EC fans

Scandlines has achieved energy savings of two million kWh/yr by switching to energy-saving EC fans from ebm-papst on the hybrid ferry Rødby-Puttgarden. The majority of the savings come from the car deck with an innovative solution designed by ebm-papst.

Community Engagement

ebm-papst achieves Premier Blood Partner status for its work with the Red Cross

Do you have an hour to help save a life? As a proud Premier Blood Partner with the American Red Cross, we know that just that short amount of time donating blood can mean a lifetime to a patient battling illness or injury. Roll up a sleeve and join us in giving back to the community. Visit today to schedule your appointment to give at an upcoming blood drive!

Annual Framington Town Wide Clean-Up

ebm-papst garbage clean up date / location General results
2019 - Farmington, CT - Farmington River and Hyde Rd.737 lbs collected in a torrential downpour – Won “Heaviest Haul” in business category in 22nd annual Farmington Town-Wide Clean-up
2018 - Farmington, CT - Farmington River and Hyde Rd.480 lbs - Won "Heaviest Haul" in business category in 21st annual Farmington Town-Wide Clean-up
2017 - Farmington, CT Hyde Rd. / Rt. 177 strip - Farmington Memorial Town Forest 295 lbs - Won "Business Category" for Heaviest Haul" in 20th annual Farmington Town Wide Clean-up
2016 - Farmington, CT River / Hyde Rd. Farmington Industrial Park382 lbs - Won "Business Category" for "Heaviest Haul" competition from town of Farmington
2014 - Farmington, CT River 50 lbs of trash - recyclable bottles & cans / 40 lbs of scrap metal
2013 - 100 & 110 Hyde Rd. properties Farmington, CT 77 plastic bottles, 65 aluminum cans, 37 glass bottles, 6 tires, various Styrofoam items and other trash - amounting to roughly 215 trees saved!
2012 - Farmington, CT River 1st trash clean up - 5 bags of trash with tires and road cones collected

ebm-papst Inc. named the winner of the “Heaviest Haul” competition for business category in the 22nd Annual Farmington Town Wide Clean-up 2019 

Images from past years 2012 - 2019 garbage clean-ups!