Expert Design and Manufacturing

Our staff of design, electrical, and application engineers possess a wealth of knowledge and experience enabling unparalleled guidance and support to our customers and their projects. Cutting-edge equipment and innovative technologies are used to develop customer concepts into sub-assemblies or complete product ranges.

Our engineers draw upon the vast resources available throughout the ebm-papst family to ensure that the most innovative and energy-efficient air movement components are correctly applied. Beginning with the initial product concept, our application engineers work in tandem with customers to select the best air moving solution to suit specific goals and requirements.

Once the prototype has been established, it can then be tested in our state-of-the-art airflow testing chambers. The airflow chambers are truly beneficial to our customers as they allow for optimization of equipment for outdoor a/c systems, refrigeration systems, and commercial fan applications. Each chamber has been designed to meet AMCA210-99 and ISO5801 requirements. In addition to our airflow testing capabilities, ebm-papst can conduct comparative sound, temperature, and velocity tests.

Design and electrical engineers advance the concept into a packaged air moving device incorporating sheet metal, fan controls, handlers, filters, gaskets and more. Our design engineers utilize the latest version of "Pro-Engineer" software to create a viable and cost-effective value-added solution. File sharing between customers and our team of engineers enables all stages of the prototype design to be verified before the initial build of the product.

While the design engineers develop the mechanical components of the fan assembly, the electrical engineering team can design simple fan controllers for monitoring fan speed, or complex controllers and power supplies, filtering, and specific communication protocols.

With our staff of engineering experts, a working prototype can be developed in a matter of weeks!

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Finishing

Lean manufacturing techniques, such as the use of reliable and efficient manufacturing equipment, ensure that subassemblies, components, and air handling products are produced to the highest technical standards. Significant investments in top-of-the-line production equipment and the manufacturing know-how provide customers with the manufacturing excellence that has led to ebm-papst as the leading choice for fan and motor technologies.

All sheet metal cutting, stamping, forming, rolling and welding are performed within our facilities. Our modern line of CNC punch presses, the TruPunch5000, allows us to accurately and effi ciently create metal scrolls to exact specifi cations ensuring high quality and maximum flexibility. Our TruLaser 3030 Fiber cutting machine uses a 3000 watt fiber laser beam delivery system for extremely high cutting speeds in thin sheets while also allowing for the cutting of more exotic metals like copper and brass. This machine includes the Trumpf LiftMaster Compact for the automated production loading and unloading of 5’ x 10’ sheets. No sheet metal is too large to manipulate using our Flexibend folding machine, and no tooling set-up is required - allowing for significant savings in both time and cost!

After the first sheet metal sample is cut or punched, the parts are then scanned for quality purposes. Our flat part measurement and digitizer, Fabrivision, scans and compares cut parts to the original CAD drawings for complete accuracy. Our Haegar automatic inserting machines will then insert nuts, bolts, or anything that a customer may require.

Our Electrostatic Powder Paint Booth has the ability to reclaim unused paint thus reducing waste through efficiency. This high-capacity paint line includes a paint oven conveyor and five-stage iron phosphate washer to streamline the finishing process. Once the sheet metal has been completed, custom assemblies incorporating our fans and blowers can be finished by adding PCB's, power supplies, air filters, wire harnesses, labels and more!