S-Panther - The new generation of compact fans

S-Panther - The new generation of compact fans

Our new compact fans may purr like a kitten, but they really roar into action when it comes to cooling. This is why we call them S-Panther. The combination of highly efficient GreenTech EC motors and a new aeroacoustic design achieves a significant increase in efficiency and lowers noise levels by up to 9 dB(A). Ideal for frequency converters, welding machines, solar inverters, IT or telecommunications applications. You can happily get a little closer.

The first compact fan from the S-Panther generation - 3250J

With the 3250J, the new S-Panther generation can now also offer a high-performance compact fan of size 92 mm x 92 mm x 38 mm. This fan is ideal for dissipating large quantities of heat in confined spaces.

As compared to the 3200J from the S-Force generation, the new 3250J (S-Panther) is a good deal quieter and attains an almost identical air performance despite its lower speed. It is superior to the 3200J Series in terms of efficiency.

Further advantages of the new fan range include new operating ranges and a leaner product line, as certain 3200 J Series fans are no longer required.

There are currently three different product versions with a nominal voltage of 48V.

The 24V versions are already available on request, with the 12V versions to follow shortly.

Performance range of the compact fan 3250J Series

The air flow (free air) of the 3258JH3P fan is 270 m³/h, making it the most powerful model in the new fan range. The 3258JHHP generates an air flow (free air) of 235 m³/h.

In contrast to the 3200J (S-Force), the fan operates optimally in a slightly higher air flow range and is suitable for lower back pressure. This opens up new areas of application demanding a lower noise level.

Advantages of the compact fan 3250J Series

The GreenTech philosophy again played a decisive role in the development of the new 3250J (S-Panther) and offers customers a whole range of advantages:

  • Enhanced noise characteristics as compared to the 3200J (S-Force) and 3200J
  • Efficiency superior to 3200J
  • Improved air performance at the same speed (in direction of free air range)
  • Cost optimization thanks to fan design adaptation
  • Optimized shaft/hub joint
  • Optimized power electronics
  • Optimized plastic bearing tube
  • Longer service life
  • Air flow-oriented curve
  • Lower power consumption
  • Max. 35W power consumption
  • Lower than with 3200J with comparable air performance

Applications of the compact fan 3250J Series

  • IT telecommunications (switch cabinets, IT servers, IT power supply units)
  • Automation
  • Frequency converters
  • Solar inverters
  • Refrigeration technology (refrigerated display cases)
  • Medical technology