ebm-papst answers questions about its product generation, the S-Force.

Questions and answers
What were the primary goals when developing the S-Force generation of fans?
There is a high demand for fans that offer more power while taking up the same amount of space - or less if possible. So the goal was to develop a new generation of fans that can provide a great deal more pressure and a great deal more air flow than previous models. We also wanted these fans, with these ambitious blower output goals, to have the lowest possible noise level, even at high counterpressure.
What technical challenges resulted from the significant increase in speed?
The substantial expansion of the speed level required particularly robust mechanical designs to be developed. The bearings, impeller, fan housing, and fixed connecting link withstand significantly higher strain. The desired performance data could be attained only with excellent motor and electronics technology. Of course, entirely new questions arose in the areas of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics.
What do the most important solutions in the area of mechanics look like?
The fan housing has been made extremely rigid by optimizing the material strengths and using fiberglass-reinforced plastic and aluminum in the larger units. The multiple fixed-link design provides for additional stability, whereby the asymmetric arrangement of the fixed links offers the optimum balance between robustness and ensuring as little fluid mechanical interference as possible.
What makes the motors so special?
The newly-developed 3-phase multipole motors with 6 to 12-pole magnetized rotor units in the 9-slot stator pack provide up to 320 watts of peak power. In addition, outstanding values were attained by improving the air flow through the inside of the motor. The optimized self-ventilation is indispensable for the long service life of the motors. The use of winglets at the tips of the impeller and the particularly steep aerodynamic curves of the impellers set benchmarks. All of this is testimony to the amount of knowledge and innovative capacity possessed by ebm-papst.
Will the generation of fast-rotating fans have an effect on the development of devices?
Absolutely. This is the beginning of a new development. It is smart to use one or more small fans to provide highly focused ventilation for systems. The prerequisite is the intelligent networking of the individual fans and the ability to control them individually according to the specific situation. The S-Force line's modern electronics make highly individualized solutions possible. On the other hand, there is already pressure from the market - particularly from our customers' research departments - to provide space-saving, high-performance cooling solutions in response to the ever more compact equipment and associated heat build-up.
Three-phase multipole motors - doesn't that equal complicated motor technology?
Not necessarily. In S-Force fans, the operating electronics are fully integrated into the fan. The commutation and operating electronics are already onboard and require no action from the user. By the way, the S-Force fans are as a rule equipped with a digital motor manager with microprocessor-controlled electronics. This means that the EC technology of the S-Force generation offers many additional features that are available as options and offer significant added value to the customer.
What features are implemented in the S-Force line?
Of course, these fans are equipped with reverse polarity and overload protection. Optionally, we equip the motors with a wide variety of different control and monitoring functions, for example speed monitoring or an alarm signal. The open loop speed control is possible via PWM, control voltage or via an integrated or external temperature sensor. Everything is possible, even special designs in IP54.
Which sizes are currently available?
Based on comprehensive market analyses, 5 sizes have been developed and implemented. The first step is axial fans in the standard sizes from 80 to 172 mm. In the next step, centrifugal fans will be added to the S-Force generation. We will bring the first radial fan series to the market later this year; axial fans are already being sold ex stock.