The strongest team in the league
The S-Force series is composed of five smaller series with sizes from 80 to 172 mm. Each is the world champion in its class in terms of air performance and pressure build-up - with first-class motor efficiency and a long service life. Wherever you need cooling performance fast that is equally quick and powerful, they are a solution for which there is virtually no alternative.

3D illustration in the CAD system

Motor technology, aerodynamics and electronics - these core competencies are the foundation for every one of our technical milestones, including the S-Force series. Only the perfect interaction of all aerodynamic relationships provides the maximum performance you expect from our products. The S-Force will exceed your expectations.

Compact and uncompromising
The S-Force series reaches nominal speeds up to 14,000 rpm and operating values that had previously been attained only by larger fans. Harnessing this much power in the smallest space requires outstanding strength values. To equip the housing, stator, bearing system and rotor for high performance, a one-of-a-kind housing design was developed, with mechanical precision down to the smallest detail.

Even before the first prototype was designed, state-of-the-art computer simulation programs ensured precise calculation of the critical parameters. In doing so, all individual mechanical parts of the S-Force series, the material strengths and the fixed-link connection between the motor and housing were redeveloped from the ground up and adapted to the more stringent conditions.

S-Force: Stator with coils

Full output with multipole motors
At the heart of the S-Force series are highly compact single-phase and three-phase multipole motors with wear-free electronic commutation. Their outstanding features include high efficiency with low dissipated energy, maximum efficiency, and intelligent function - and above all, their amount of power. The new motors attain a peak power of more than 300 watts, equivalent to a 500% increase compared to the direct predecessor of the same size.

With intelligent equipment features, the EC compact fans are perfectly adaptable and ready for any individual requirements. These features include speed monitoring, closed loop speed control, operation monitoring, integrated or external temperature sensor, and microprocessor-controlled motor management for software-controlled fan operation.

Aerodynamic simulation of S-Force impeller

Maximum aerodynamic efficiency
The wide range of aerodynamic details boasted by each fan is a highlight of their pioneering engineering. Special impellers, developed just for the S-Force series, have a revolutionary impeller design that provides unmatched pressure build-up in the saddle. The especially steep curves of this generation of fans have values that push the limits of the possible.

The optimized inside contours of the housing, the small gap clearance between the blade and venturi housing, and the use of winglets on the fan blades also ensure exemplary running smoothness. The aerodynamically optimum design, coupled with maximum mechanical precision, enables the S-Force fans to have constant low noise.