RadiCal defines new standards in air movement technology

RadiCal defines new standards for centrifugal fans

Our RadiCal impellers offer significant improvements to the market with higher efficiency and lower noise.

RadiCal is the latest ebm-papst backward curved radial impeller design. The innovative styling of the impeller was perfected using complex simulation modeling, and precisely adjusted using prototype measurements. The air intake and flow channel geometries are the outstanding features of RadiCal impellers. Shaped to minimize energy losses and flow separation as air moves through the impeller, these features result in increased aerodynamic efficiency and lower acoustic noise. Combining these impellers with ebm-papst GreenTech EC motors with continuous speed control provides the most efficient, flexible and quietest centrifugal fans on the market.

Now, after the successful market launch of the HyBlade axial fans, the energy-efficient "RadiCal" fans from ebm-papst are defining new standards in the centrifugal field of ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

Like the HyBlades the fan blades of the RadiCal centrifugal fans are designed with a dimensionally stable, hybrid construction. Their aerodynamically optimized shape reduces noise by up to 50%. The motors of these fans have been miniaturized, making them much more compact than their predecessors. With these current dimensions, an easy mechanical replacement of existing AC solutions is possible any time and without a hitch.

The design of the motor heat management system is also optimized. The stator is completely encapsulated in a high-performance plastic. Air inlets in the rotor guarantee perfected heat dissipation for the motor, which in turn increases efficiency considerably. Up to 50% less energy consumption can be achieved in comparison to AC solutions.

The high level of IP protection allows these fans to be implemented in environmentally critical applications.

The good dampening behavior of the plastic also helps to reduce noise emissions. The impellers are highly corrosion-resistant, for example if exposed to salt water or salty air. Direct solar radiation has no damaging effects on the UV-resistant material.

To reduce the already low installation effort even further, the new centrifugal fans can be purchased on request as ready-to-install modules. The centrifugal fans are currently available in sizes 133 to 250 mm with drive outputs between 35 and 170 W and in size 500 mm with three different EC motors with drive outputs of 500 W, 1 kW and 3 kW. This opens up possible applications in many areas of ventilation and air-conditioning technology, such as in control cabinet cooling, in-line duct fans, home ventilation units or heat pumps. In all of these applications, it pays off to switch to high-efficiency RadiCal centrifugal fans or to take advantage of this state-of-the-art, energy-saving technology from the start.

Features and Benefits
• High aerodynamic efficiency
• Quiet running, especially reduced tonal noise
• Unrivaled compactness
• Robust and maintenance free
• Choice of proven single or 3-phase asynchronous motors or more efficient GreenTech EC motors
• GreenTech EC versions available in fixed speed or variable speed control options

Target Markets and Applications
• Air-conditioning
• Data Center
• Energy Generation
• IT / Telecom
• Industrial
• Medical
• Mobile
• Ventilation

• UL
• CE