Innovations from ebm-papst

ebm-papst would not be ebm-papst if we were not constantly striving to optimise our products and advance their development. Read the latest about our products here.

Flat - but wow!

Ideal solutions for refrigerated display cases. .

VG100 compact gas blower

High modulation rates in power range to 50 kW for gas condensing technology.

G3G 315 gas blower

The first gas blower for large-scale applications up to 2 megawatts

Diagonal compact module

The intelligent solution for electronics cooling.


ACi4400 - GreenTech EC compact fans

Improved, integrated, intelligent.

4300N compact fan

4300N - Makes wind, not noise.

Better cooling, half the noise: the new 4300N high-performance fan.


AxiCool axial fans for evaporators

The axial fans of the AxiCool series are available in sizes of 300, 350 and 450 mm.


S1G305 Energy-saving axial fans

A solution specifically designed for unit cooler applications.


Ex-protected fans with GreenTech EC

ebm-papst presents the first ex-protected GreenTech EC fans.

EC medium

EC medium pressure axial fans

GreenTech EC technology in a new dimension.

Radical Centrifugal Fan

RadiCal centrifugal fans

RadiCal defines new standards for centrifugal fans


RadiPac centrifugal fans

RadiPac centrifugal fans feature outstanding efficiency, good noise behavior and compact dimensions.

IP68 Fans from ebm-papst

For protection against harsh environments. While brochure contains IP68, lower environmental protection classes are available as well.

New gas blower NRV77

Gas blower NRV77

A highly compact unit consisting of a modulating premix ready gas blower, air-gas venturi, and zero-governor gas valve.

3250J S-Panther Compact Fans

Compact fan S-Panther 3250J

New high-performance fan in the 92x92 mm class.


FlowGrid for axial and centrifugal fans

FlowGrid, the innovative air-inlet grill for efficient noise protection features in cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

3300N DC axial fans

3300N DC axial fans

Greater effectiveness with low operating noise

420J Compact Fans

420J Compact Fans

High-performance compact fan with great efficiency.

Axial GreenTech EC compact fan

Axial compact fans: The new GreenTech EC range

High-performance, compact and efficient.

AxiTop Diffusor for axial fans

AxiTop diffuser for axial fans

Greater efficiency, less noise, reduced exit losses.

Energy-saving fans made of biomaterials

Energy-saving fans made of biomaterials

Energy-saving fans made of "epylen" wood/plastic composite material.

HyBlade® axial fan

HyBlade® axial fan

HyBlade® – Premium Hybrid Fan. The new composite material for axial fans.

Gas blower NRG 77
Lower energy consumption, lower operating noise and improved metering.