Ex-protected fans with GreenTech EC technology.

Saving energy safely.

Innovation in explosive areas. ebm-papst presents the first ex-protected EC fans.

Now ATEX applications can finally benefit from the advantages of modern EC technology, too. ebm-papst is the first manufacturer in the world to have specially developed highly efficient GreenTech EC fans for use in explosive areas. These are available as axial and centrifugal fans with backward-curved impeller blades. The products are based on our multiple award-winning HyBlade® and RadiPac product ranges, which have set global benchmarks for efficiency, noise and compactness.

Axial fans are available in sizes of 630–990 with up to 33,000 m³/h, centrifugal fans in sizes 400–630 with up to 15,000 m³/h.

Plug & PlayLife cycle costs
A highly developed plug & play system allows the fans to be ready for use quickly. This saves time and money:Life cycle costs can also be significantly reduced through the use of GreenTech EC technology and system solutions:
  • Perfectly attuned components
  • Pre-wired and pre-programmed
  • No separate frequency converter and motor protection switch required
  • Includes conformity declaration for motor and electronics
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Highly efficient GreenTech EC motor that exceeds efficiency class IE4
  • 30 % average energy saving compared to AC technology

Atmosphère Explosive. The European guideline on explosion protection.

Certified safety.

ebm-papst’s ex-protected fans are based on the proven 3 kW GreenTech EC external rotor motor and are tested and certified in line with the European product directive ATEX 94/9/EC. They therefore meet all demands made of devices used in areas at risk of explosion. Our axial and centrifugal ex-protected fans are suitable for equipment group II (explosion-protected areas outside mining) and the gases and vapours substance group in explosion group IIB.

Our ex-protected fans can be used in hazard zones 1 and 2. They therefore correspond to category 2G (ATEX) and have the equipment protection level Gb (EN 60079-0).

As per the ATEX 1999/92/EC operating directive, the facility operator is responsible for the categorisation of hazard zones. The corresponding equipment categorisation is performed by the manufacturer, i. e. ebm-papst.

Two model series – one drive.

  • HyBlade® axial fan
  • RadiPac centrifugal fan
  • Electronics
  • GreenTech EC motor

HyBlade® axial fan


  • Full bell mouth integrated on the intake side
  • Efficiency-boosting blade profile
  • High degree of efficiency
  • Low noise levels

Robust design

  • Wall plate made from Sendzimir-galvanised
  • sheet steel, painted

Flexible installation

  • Installation with horizontal and vertical motor shaft

Innovative materials

  • Blades made of fibreglass-reinforced composite material
  • Core made from corrosion-resistant aluminium structure

Low vibration

  • Motor-impeller unit dynamically balanced in two planes

Explosion protection

  • Impeller strength surpasses standard requirement
  • Pre-set ring gap between wall plate and impeller ensured as per ATEX 94/9/EC standard
  • Earth connection for dissipating electrostatic charges
  • Impeller blades with special anti-static surface
  • Safe steel-plastic material pairing as per EN14986

RadiPac centrifugal fan


  • High static efficiency
  • Aerodynamically optimised blade channel
  • Low noise emissions
  • Diagonal trailing edge for optimised flow control
  • Integrated rotating diffuser
  • Inlet ring adjusted to impeller

Operating characteristics

  • Low vibration
  • Dynamic balancing of the motor impeller rotor unit
  • Minimal structure-borne noise generation
  • Low impeller weight reduces bearing load

Robust design

  • Stable cube-shaped assembly frame
  • Suitable for permanently high tip speeds
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Entirely robot-welded blades

Explosion protection

  • Impeller strength surpasses standard requirement
  • Pre-set ring gap between inlet ring and
  • impeller ensured as per ATEX 94/9/EC standard
  • Safe aluminium-aluminium material pairing as per EN14986

GreenTech EC motor

Unrivalled compact design

  • Impeller mounted directly on the external rotor
  • No external frequency converter needed thanks to EC technology

High efficiency

  • Low copper and iron losses
  • No slip losses thanks to synchronous running
  • Use of permanent magnets means no magnetic reversal losses in the rotor

Economical operation

  • Improved commutation results in greater partial-load operation
  • Highly efficient operation even at partial load
  • Long service life thanks to maintenance-free ball bearings and brushless commutation

Sustainable operation

  • No rare earth magnets

Explosion protection

  • Ignition protection type “Increased safety” as per ATEX in the motor area


Simple commissioning

  • Pre-programmed ex-works
  • Central terminal area for mains connection, alarm relay, control and bus system


  • Continuously variable speed settings
  • Control signal 0–10 V DC, PWM, 4–20 mA and MODBUS-RTU
  • Integrated PID controller

Explosion protection

  • Pressure-resistant encapsulation of performance electronics
  • ATEX-certified spring clamp terminal block (special tool not included)
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Additional protection and sensor electronics via Ex-certified components (cable glands, etc.)