Technical description
Weight 4.1 kg
Motor size 68
Size 225 mm
Rotor surface Unpainted
Motor suspension Motor mounted with brackets on one side
Direction of rotation Clockwise, viewed toward rotor
Degree of protection IP20
Insulation class "F"
Moisture (F) / Environmental (H) protection class H0+
Max. permitted ambient temp. for motor (transport/storage) + 80 °C
Min. permitted ambient temp. for motor (transport/storage) - 40 °C
Installation position Shaft horizontal
Condensation drainage holes None
Mode S1
Motor bearing Ball bearing
Touch current according to IEC 60990 (measuring circuit Fig. 4, TN system) < 0,75 mA
Electrical hookup Terminal strip / Via terminal strip
with cable Axial
Protection class I (if protective earth is connected by customer to the housing's connection point)
Approval EAC