G3G 315 gas blower

The first gas blower for large-scale applications up to 2 megawatts

The G3G 315 blower sets the new standard in top performance – not only in our product range but in condensing boiler technology as a whole. For the first time, heat output of up to 2 MW – enough to heat high-rise buildings or entire housing developments – is possible with a single blower. Now planners have completely new options, such as decentralized heating solutions that minimize construction expenses and heating losses from long pipes. In combination with our GreenTech EC technology, enormous savings are possible.

Benefits at a glance

  • High power density in a compact package
  • Highly energy-efficient thanks to GreenTech EC technology and aerodynamic optimization
  • High modulation level and smoothly adjustable speed for high flexibility
  • Decentralized heating solutions minimize construction effort and costs

Integrated RS485 MODBUS RTU interface

This open standard has established itself as the standard for open-loop control of actuators and sensors. The blower can be both controlled and configured via the bus interface. The RS485 MODBUS RTU features both outstanding ease of use and reliability.

Nominal data 
Voltage3-phase, 380-480 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Max. air flow4300 m³/h
Max. pressure increase6200 Pa
Max. power consumption6000 W
Max. speed6000 rpm
Maximum permissible ambient temperature for motor60 °C
Maximum permissible flow medium temperature50 °C