LS Control

LS Control has registered the trademark EC Control®. All products carrying the EC Control® trademark are specially designed for EC motors. Our Multicontrollers carry the EC Control® mark, and they are

With EC Control® you make energy savings visible!

The choice when you are looking for a versatile and programmable series of multi controllers specially designed for EC motors. This series of Multicontrollers are designed to meet the future need for flexibility in the control of a variety of parameters combined with user friendly operation.

All the Multicontrollers are equipped with the same user interface. They are therefore very easy to operate and use. They are equipped with a number of in- and outputs and a RS485 serial interface with a MODBUS® protocol.

An integrated scheduler makes it easy to set up the unit for automatic switch between individual output signals; up to 10 shifts per day, 7 days a week.

Various accessories are available including a range of sensors, power supplies and potentiometers – all of which are carrying the EC Control® mark.

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