The BACnet Gateway is a user-configurable BACnet protocol communications gateway that provides a bridging platform for information flow between BACnet and MODBUS protocols.

This smart device is an easy-to-use controller that can be applied to managing HVAC applications, but above all a special accessory for the connectivity of all MODBUS-protocol ebm-papst fans to the most commonly used building management system, BACnet.

The program and its parameters are saved to FLASH memory and EEPROM. This results in the EC Fan Gateway retaining programmable data irrespective of any power failures and thus eliminates the requirement of a back up battery. The program can be loaded via PC.

The device will be supplied in a kit, which includes the gateway equipped with a BACnet/Ethernet serial card.

An accessory serial card interface (BACnet/RS485-MSTP card) is sold separately. This serial card interface provides the option for the customer if the desired method of communication is to be via RS485-MSTP. The primary difference between both these cards is that the BACnet, Ethernet serial card utilises Ethernet TCP messages to send and receive messages whereas communication via the BACnet/RS485-MSTP card is done via RS485.

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