Static Pressure Transducer with Controller

Static Pressure Transducer with Controller

Arthur Grillo GmbH has many decades of experience in the field of low pressure measurement. A finely coordinated, microprocessor-controlled measurement transducer with a PI-control function for low differential static pressure results from this experience combined with manufacturing skills.

The electromechanically measured differential pressure serves the sensor and control functions in connection with GreenTech EC fans by ebm-papst.

When operating as a sensor, the pressure transducer supplies a linear output signal that represents differential pressure, or alternatively a square-root-extracted output signal according to a calculated volumetric airflow rate.

When the controller is activated then it fulfills closed loop control functions for fans directly. Setup and commissioning is simple and does not require a computer to achieve the right control behavior for your air system. The appropriate empirical k-factors for use with ebm-papst inlet rings can be found in the “ Airflow measurement using instrumented inlet rings” brochure. The listed k-factors can be used with both SI units (m3/h and Pa) or IP units (cfm and inches H2O).

Summary of features:

  • Differential static pressure transducer with analog output and optional PI control mode
  • Large diaphragm element with differential transformer
  • Transducer choice of five pressure ranges
  • Simple setup and operation completely without external communication devices
  • Clear text LCD-display, two push button switches, and one magnetically activated switch.
  • Selectable parameters: Differential pressure or volume flow
  • Metric or imperial units selectable
  • Control mode with PI algorithm and measurement mode selectable
  • Two adjustable set points
  • Analog output 0...10 V dc
  • Upper output voltage limit is adjustable
  • Supply 10...30 V dc or 24 V ac (+/-15%)
  • Compact plastic housing according to IP 54 and flammability rating UL 94 HB
  • RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU compliant