Control technology for ebm-papst GreenTech EC fans

Increasing market demands have induced us to exploit the whole range of possibilities offered by 100% controllable GreenTech EC fans being installed in third party products. The combination of GreenTech EC motor and external control technology is based on fans with a power input of 500 watts or more which are equipped with a MODBUS.

"Approved controller" - the sign of full compatibility

Approved controller

In order to give you the necessary reliability when choosing components, we have entered partnerships with selected control technology manufacturers. Naturally, combinations of GreenTech EC fans and external control technology are tested and examined, and this is documented for you with the "Approved controller" label.

"Approved controller" products are already available for GreenTech EC fans from the following manufacturers:


The CAREL solution is based on programmable controllers (pCO sistema) using the 1tool© development environment.


Direct serial data bus communication between DEOS and ebm-papst fans.

VIPA: Automation solutions and control engineering

Comprehensive system solutions for all control requirements.

Eliwell: FREE Way programmable platform

Eliwell's FREE Way programmable platform compliant with industrial standard IEC 61131-3 combines speed and reliability in a complete range of compact, high-performing products.

Saia-Burgess: Web, IT and all established market standards

Saia® PCD devices include all the established communications standards, but also comprehensive, open and internationally accepted web+IT functions at the same time. GreenTech EC fans by ebm papst can be integrated easily by using MODBUS-RTU communications.

WAGO: Scalable control technology

The requirements for an automation solution varies greatly with the type of machine, system or equipment that must be automated. The number of inputs and outputs and the required speed are the main parameters. Ultimately, the interfaces and fieldbus systems used also play an important role. The controllers of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM are modular and independent of the fieldbus. With an extensive portfolio of I/O modules, they always offer the right solution.

Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions: E2 Facility Management System

The E2 Facility Management System is the foundation of any retailer's energy and maintenance reduction strategy. The E2 is designed to provide complete control of building and refrigeration systems including: compressor groups, condensers, walk-ins, HVAC units and lighting.


SELPRO ECM (EC-Manager) is the complete ALL-in-ONE controller for HVAC & R ventilated heat exchangers, a Plug & Play device with all the specific Wet & Dry management capabilities, ready with Ebm-papst EC fans Standard Modbus (RTU) protocol.

LS Control

LS Control has registered the trademark EC Control®. All products carrying the EC Control mark are specially designed for EC motors. Our Multicontrollers carry the EC Control mark, and they are specially developed for demand controlled ventilation of individual rooms. The Multicontroller is a versatile, programmable and user friendly unit.

Static Pressure Transducer with Controller

The "approved controller" series matches dependable low pressure measurement technology with ebm-papst EC fan electrical interfaces. The appropriate empirical k-factors for use with ebm-papst inlet rings can be found in the “ Airflow measurement using instrumented inlet rings” brochure. The listed k-factors can be used with both SI units (m3/h and Pa) or IP units (cfm and inches H2O).

BACnet Gateway for improved communication

The BACnet Gateway is a user-configurable BACnet protocol communications gateway that provides a bridging platform for information flow between BACnet and MODBUS protocols.


Siemens Climatix OEM controls driver for GreenTech EC motors made by ebm-papst. Climatix™ offers a comprehensive range of flexible and scalable control solutions – from standard to freely programmable.

vbk Technology

vbk’s handheld uniquom permits controlling and parameterizing ebm-papst EC-fans with RS485 interfaces (ebmBus, MODBUS).