A fan for any scenario

Besides the required air flow, minimal noise emission and increased energy efficiency are key characteristics for axial fans used in evaporators, condensers and heat exchangers in ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems. In the form of the AxiBlade, fan and motor specialist ebm-papst has developed a new generation of axial fans that exploit every last bit of optimization potential offered by the current state of the art.

The modular concept of the AxiBlade offers the user maximum flexibility so as to run the fan as close to the optimum level as possible in the typical operating range.

Modular concept

The AxiBlade concept is based on a modular system. This comprises fan housings of varying heights with an aerodynamically optimized inlet ring. These are complemented by profiled impeller geometry and winglets for maximum efficiency. The impellers have been designed for the various motors they are able to be combined with, which increases efficiency and reduces running noise. Exhaust turbulence and the resulting dynamic losses can also be minimized thanks to the guide vanes. The guard grilles are matched to the various combinations and aerodynamically optimized. Not only do they protect against accidental contact, they also contribute to the high overall efficiency of the axial fans. Thanks to their modular concept, AxiBlade axial fans can operate in a wide variety of applications with an optimum efficiency of up to 54 %. In the process, a noise reduction of up to 8 dB(A) can be achieved when compared with the standard program.

The right solution for every pressure range

The new axial fans can be ideally matched to the application in question. For example, the standard fan housing with a height of 190 mm and no guide vanes is suited to low to medium pressure ranges up to 200 Pa. In this case, the benefits of the guide vanes do not come into play. Even without them, the efficiency and operating noise are much better than the current industry standard. The guide vanes become interesting with the approx. 300-millimeter-high fan housing (depending on the size category) with integrated diffuser for high back pressures up to 290 Pa. Here, the guide vanes are essential for achieving such high efficiency. Suitable components can be combined depending on the pressure ranges required and the fans can be produced accordingly.

No design changes to the customer's unit required

Since the new axial fans' footprint corresponds to the current industry standard, virtually no design changes to the end unit are necessary. Besides the especially energy-efficient GreenTech EC motors, the new AxiBlade models are also available with the AC motors that are still widely used. Sizes 800 and 910 are currently available; an expansion of the series to include sizes 630 and 710 is planned for 2017.

For more information please contact: sales@us.ebmpapst.com