ebm-papst Inc. recycling campaign results are in for 2016 – GreenDay a big success!

Each year, ebm-papst employees from subsidiaries around the world participate in GreenDay to help raise awareness and maintain a companywide eco-friendly culture. At ebm-papst Inc. every day is a GreenDay!


In Farmington, CT – ebm-papst employees were encouraged to bring in various recyclable items during the week leading up to GreenDay on June 10th, 2016. Between employee and company contributions, over 2,300 lbs. of electronics, scrap metal, batteries and CFL & LED light bulbs were collected for recycling.

PROSHRED of Connecticut collected paper for recycling; besides the normal recycling of company documents, employees had the opportunity to bring in personal documents for shredding and recycling. PROSHRED processed 4,080 pounds of material (2.04 tons) which translates out to the following figures: 35 trees saved, 14,280 gallons of water saved, 8,364 Kw of energy saved, 122 pounds of pollutants kept out of the atmosphere and 10 cubic yards of landfill space saved. These translations, when associated with a financial value and added together, come out to an estimated $10,594.00 saved.

[Estimated figures, derived from official U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations, and actual prices from wholesale suppliers of paper, electric, water, and landfill companies]

A book swap encouraged employees to bring in unwanted books for re-use. A total of 41 books were left over and donated to the Farmington public library.

Along with the recycling & re-use campaign, we invited local vendors and organizations to come and set-up a tabletop display to promote their products and or services during the day. We are pleased that the following vendors participated:

  • Lyric Hill Farms (Granby): All natural, eco-friendly soaps for bath, body and home.
  • Our Companions shelter (Manchester): Accepted donations of the following supplies – Pet food & treats, pet beds, collars & leashes, laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, paper towels. In addition, employee donations of used blankets and towels will benefit The Connecticut Humane Society in Newington, CT.
  • SolarCity: 3 local representatives were onsite to promote residential solar installations and answer questions for interested employees.
  • TechniArt (Collinsville): Promotes and sells energy efficient lighting technologies.
  • Mortensen Ice Cream (Newington): Many great flavors of ice cream and sorbet!
  • All ebm-papst employees were welcome to the following green-themed items: Jar opener / coaster made from recycled tires, all natural lip balm, and wildflower seed packets.

Green activity award!

ebm-papst Inc. named winner of the “Heaviest Haul” competition for business category in the 19th Annual Farmington Town Wide Clean-up 2016

The town-sponsored event in Farmington, CT spanned a full week and participants, teams and individuals, together collected over 5,000 pounds of refuse as weighed by the town on 4/30/16. In under 3 hours, the ebm-papst team of 6 volunteers contributed to the collection with 382 pounds of trash and recyclables. We found enough recyclable bottles and cans to completely fill a 95 gallon bin, plus tires, scrap metal, and lots of trash. Our haul was collected at two locations: The Farmington River near the Rails to Trails trestle, and along Hyde Road between Rt. 6 and the ebm-papst buildings.

ebm-papst looks forward to continuing the tradition in 2017!

E-Mail: Marketing@us.ebmpapst.com