High-performance DC axial fans in the 119 x 119 mm class

Modern machinery with its compactness and high component density places high demands on heat dissipation. The solution: compact, high-performance fans. With the 4300N, fan specialist ebm-papst now offers a new high-performance fan that sets standards.

Efficient motor and refined aerodynamics: the 4300N offers high air flow with low operating noise and high efficiency

With the same air flow, it can provide an efficiency increase of up to 57% and a decrease in operating noise of about 9 dB(A) compared with the previous model. It can be used in all applications involving compact technology, including inverters for welding equipment, drives, photovoltaic systems, automation, IT servers and network technology, and building ventilation.

The new 4300N measures 119 x 119 x 32 mm and features improvements in both its motor and its aerodynamics. Specially formed discharge vanes and innovative winglets on the blade tips improve the aerodynamic efficiency and prevent turbulence that can cause noise. These compact and efficient motors are available for operating voltages of 12, 24 and 48 VDC. Their degree of protection can be as high as IP68, depending on application. The maximum air flow rate is 285 m³/h and the pressure increase can reach 146 Pa, values that exceed those of the previous model by up to 50%. That makes these new high-performance fans ideal for demanding cooling applications in devices with high component density, where high air flow with compactness and low energy consumption are called for. They are equally suitable for ventilation and cooling in noise-sensitive applications such as IT systems or building ventilation.

Anja Niessner
E-Mail: anja.niessner@de.ebmpapst.com