Axial fans for high-performance evaporators

The axial fan family for evaporators – "AxiCool" from ebm-papst – has new members. The new sizes – 500, 630 and 800 – are designed with high-performance evaporators and air coolers in the commercial and industrial cooling sectors in mind. They are ideal for use in large cold storage facilities and the refrigerated warehouses and production rooms used in the food processing and food industries.

The "large" AxiCool in the high-end variant with covered fan housing and integrated diffuser with guide vanes.

As their heat exchangers become more and more iced over, fans must frequently work at a higher back pressure. This reduces the fan’s efficiency, and that of the entire refrigerating plant in turn. The new AxiCool series enables efficient cooling despite this situation. Its integrated diffuser and discharge vane combination increases efficiency by over 30%. This allows the air performance to increase by up to 12% while reducing noise by up to 3 dB(A).

The efficiency-boosting discharge vane is integrated in all AxiCool variants. A cable provides easy, standard connection. An optional terminal box also enables a heating tape to be connected, rounding out the product line. The heating tape can be retrofitted very easily when needed. All sizes are available in both the high-end variant with a fan housing cover and the standard variant without a fan housing cover. The fan housing cover offers an advantage when the hygiene requirements are rigorous, since its smooth surfaces attract fewer contaminants and are easier to clean. In addition, a defrost bag can easily be attached to the exterior of the fan housing cover.

All variants are engineered for operation down to -40 °C as standard, and with degree of protection IP55, they are extremely durable. The AxiCool series is very compact thanks to its external rotor fan design, enabling compact designs for the evaporator units in which it is installed. The new fans will be available in all sizes as 1-phase and 3-phase AC variants and with efficient GreenTech EC technology in summer 2016.

Katrin Linder
Trade press coordinator