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S1G305 - Energy-saving Fan for Unit Coolers

S1G305 - Energy-saving fan for unit coolers

The S1G305 energy-saving fan was designed specifically for use in evaporators, is impressively efficient, extremely reliable, and boasts a long service life. When designing this fan, great emphasis was placed on efficiency – efficiency in operation, in manufacturing and in the use of materials.

ebm-papst took an integrated design approach to create a complete fan assembly, resulting in less energy required during manufacturing. The amount of steel and copper required - along with the overall fan mounting depth - was also reduced by using an external rotor motor design instead of the more traditional internal rotor motor.

The reasons behind the improvement in the fan operating efficiency are the GreenTech EC motor, and the one-piece molded impeller using the HyBlade® technology with profiled blade geometry and winglets established on larger ebm-papst fans. The EC motor ensures that 30% less energy is consumed than average evaporator fans with traditional AC motors, while single brackets make assembly relatively easy thanks to the flexibility of the mounting holes. There is no need to disassemble and reassemble the fan spider mount and blade from the motor when retrofitting or repairing a unit cooler. The design allows the customer to retain existing guard grill designs. No ground wire is needed.

The external rotor design has made the S1G305 extremely compact, translating into a very shallow mounting depth of under 3”. The GreenTech EC motor meets IP54 requirements and is thus more than able to meet the tough environmental demands in the evaporator. A single speed 1600 rpm model is standard, but two speed and a 10-speed models are also available for matching other performance requirements or providing additional energy savings. The 10-speed model uses a 10-position rotary switch that is easily settable using a flathead screwdriver. All models accept a wide input voltage range of 100-240 VAC and come with an EMF P-2-1-075 compatible plug connection.

The new S1G305 series from ebm-papst uses 30% less power than typical unit cooler fans with PSC motors. Specifically designed for unit cooler applications, the S1G305 fan series is equipped with a very efficient electronically commuted, permanent magnet motor. Motor, blade, power cable and three mounting options are integrated and available as a single part number. The S1G305 fans are equally suited for both OEM and retrofit use.

Fan replacement or retrofit of walk-in evaporators is a breeze with the winning combination of wide voltage range and rotary speed selection on the S1G305 series!