ebm-papst reinvents the wheel

The RadiPac centrifugal fan sets new benchmark

RadiPac impeller with backward inclined blades
Impeller blade cut-away
RadiPac in FanGrid

The experts at ebm-papst have long been involved in a continuous improvement process, which ultimately benefits both the environment and the customer in equal measure. As a result, the RadiPac product range, specifically designed for use in ventilation and air conditioning equipment, has been steadily improved. The main focus of this re-engineering centers around the area where air enters the impeller, the position of the external rotor motor in the impeller, and the impeller's blade profile.

The inlet nozzle was redesigned to perfectly match the impeller with its aerodynamically optimized blade channel. The motor's position in the impeller was also improved to achieve a good compromise between the compactness of the overall fan unit and an aerodynamically optimal placement of the motor in the impeller. In the impellers themselves, new hollow aluminium blades result in higher efficiency; their special shape reduces the weight of the impeller while simultaneously increasing its stability.

Pressure losses at the inlet were reduced further and the outflow behavior was also improved. The air is channelled in the main flow direction of the air-conditioning device at the air outlet, significantly reducing deflection losses. The results of the optimization are impressive. All told, the redesign resulted in an efficiency increase of more than 8 percentage points for the RadiPac fans, while also reducing their noise level by over 3 dB(A).

The new centrifugal fans run very quietly. Since the motor and the electronics integrated in the motor system are perfectly adjusted to one another in EC RadiPac fans, additional electronic filters and shielded cables are unnecessary. Moreover, with the continuous closed-loop speed control typical of EC motors, the air performance of the fans can be adapted to specific requirements. Communication is possible via the 0‑10V input or MODBUS-RTU. The external rotor motors work without rare-earth magnets, and boast efficiency rates of well over 90 percent.

The new RadiPac fans are available in sizes 250 to 560. The efficient, quiet and compact plug & play fans are available for many applications, and deliver outstanding results in central air conditioning units on their own and also in FanGrid configuration.

For additional questions and information please contact: marketing@us.ebmpapst.com