New, compact diagonal module for filter fans

Mechanically compatible with market standard but much more efficient:

The new diagonal modules are good at dealing with higher back pressures.

Filter fans are well suited for economically dissipating heat from switchgear cabinets or electronics enclosures. However, the strengths and weaknesses of different fan designs become particularly evident when there is higher back pressure, e.g. due to high component density or dirt accumulation in the filter pads. When the axial fans that are most often used for this purpose, are no longer able to work at their optimum operating points due to the increased pressure, the noise level rises and the efficiency falls.

ebm-papst Mulfingen has developed a size 200 diagonal module specially for use in filter fans. It is based on the new diagonal impellers and is mechanically compatible with typically available compact axial fans. The new modules provide up to 50% more air flow at higher back pressure, they still have better noise characteristics, and they consume 20% less power at the same air flow. Since the power losses with dirty filter pads are considerably lower than with axial designs, maintenance intervals are longer, which also reduces costs.

Further potential for savings arises through the use in the diagonal fans of modern GreenTech EC motors that work at high efficiency levels and whose speed can be adjusted to the actual cooling requirements via their 0…10 V interfaces. This new size 200 diagonal module will be available with identical dimensions in both AC and EC versions, making it easy to convert to the new diagonal modules without having to modify applications.

The new modules can be installed on the intake or the exhaust side and, depending on the required direction of air flow, they can be installed on both sides. Plug connectors simplify electrical connection. The diagonal modules can be installed in four orientations, each shifted by 90°, depending on the required plug position. The new AC and EC diagonal modules for filter fans will be available from the first quarter of 2016.

Katrin Linder
Trade Press Coordinator