Saving energy safely

Ex-protected GreenTech EC fans from ebm-papst.

Fans in areas at risk of explosion can now also benefit from the advantages of EC technology.

Fan are also used in areas at risk of explosion, such as in the petrochemicals industry, battery compartments, hazardous substances warehouses, oil and gas exploration, waste water treatment and parking lots. These applications can now also benefit from the advantages of modern EC technology. ebm-papst is the first manufacturer in the world to develop highly efficient GreenTech EC fans specifically for the Ex-area. These are available as axial fans and centrifugal fans with backward-curved rotor blades.

The fans are based on the HyBlade axial fans and RadiPac centrifugal fans, both of which have set global benchmarks for efficiency, low noise levels and compactness. Thanks to their plug & play system, the fans can be started up quickly and easily. They also come pre-wired and parametrized. The ebm-papst Ex-fans use the proven 3 kW EC external rotor motor, removing the need for a separate variable frequency drive and motor protection switch. The GreenTech EC motor even exceeds efficiency class IE4 and consumes on average 30 % less energy than conventional AC technology. The axial fans have a ground connection point to dissipate electrostatic charges and the rotor blades have a special anti-static coating. A flame-proof enclosure for the power electronics completes the special equipment. Axial fans are available in the sizes 630-990, with air performances of up to 33,000 m³/h. The impeller strength of the centrifugal fans exceeds the standard specification. The nozzle and impeller are made from aluminum, which represents a safe material combination as per EN 14986. Centrifugal fans are available in the sizes 400-630, with air performances of up to 15,000 m³/h.

All fans are tested and certified according to the European ATEX 94/9/EC product specification ("Atmosphère Explosive", the European directive on explosion protection). They therefore meet all requirements made of devices in areas at risk of explosion. The axial and centrifugal Ex fans are suitable for equipment group II (areas at risk of explosion outside of mining) as well as the gases and vapors substance group in explosion group IIB. These fans can be used in hazard zones 1 and 2. They therefore correspond to category 2G (ATEX) and have the equipment protection level Gb (EN 60079‑0). The facility operator is responsible for the on-site classification of the hazard zones as per ATEX 1999/92/EC.

Katrin Lindner
Trade press coordinator