New system solutions for gas-condensing technology

ebm-papst presents its latest products and new system solutions for gas-air ratio assembly at the leading ISH trade fair in Frankfurt. ebm-papst is the single-source provider of complete combustion systems, consisting of high-efficiency EC radial blowers that have been exceeding the requirements of the ErP Directive for years, as well as a venturi, gas valve and burner control. The product portfolio covers a heating output range of 0.5 kW to 1 MW in pneumatic and electronic configurations.

The new GAS 137 is a gas-air ratio assembly that is perfectly adjusted to customer requirements and packs extreme performance into a small package.

For pneumatics, ebm-papst presents the new GAS 137 gas-air system for heating outputs of up to 150 kW. This customised solution consists of the NRG 137 EC radial blower, a special venturi, a customised burner control with CAN bus interface, a mix adapter with integrated non-return valve and a burner. The system is delivered fully assembled and tested, allowing the customer to install it quickly. The combination of high performance and extremely compact design makes it suitable for use in wall-mounted boilers. This solution shows how ebm-papst's strategy of providing complete systems is constantly developing and expands the heating output spectrum for pneumatics to 150 kW.

Another system on display is the proven NRV 118. Its components are perfectly attuned to each other and provide a heating output range of 3 to 42 kW. With a modulation level of 1:10, this compact system solution ensures both lower heating outputs for low-energy houses and perfect warm water comfort.

The F01 gas valve, with its modular design, was developed for the electronic configuration. The F01 can adjust to different gas qualities with the stepper motor and electronic control. With its constant automatic combustion adjustment, it ensures optimum fuel utilisation at all times, regardless of the height and required amount of heat. The gas valve reliably controls gas quantities in the rated output range of 1 to 40 kW and enables a control ratio of 1:10. The F01 is already being used in the iNR 77, the most compact combustion system available on the global market. ebm-papst has continued to develop the fully integrated system and achieved a modulation of 1:10 across all gas types. Fitted with an integrated valve control, a CAN bus interface and a mass flow sensor, the iNR 77 ensures future-proof electronic combustion control in a compact space.

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