ebm-papst wins Best of Show Award from AdvancedTCA Summit!

Industry recognition for the Best Infrastructure Product with the S-Force 2200FTD series compact fan Farmington, CT November 18, 2010 – ebm-papst Inc., the worlds leading manufacturer of fans, blowers, and custom assemblies is proud to announce the acceptance of the award for Best Infrastructure Product at the 2010 Advanced TCA Summit.

The Best of Show Award Program provides an opportunity for industry wide recognition of emerging and leading technologies available on the market. The Best of Show winners from five categories were announced and awarded at the ATCA Summit ceremony November 10th in Santa Clara, CA. “AdvancedTCA is sparking incredible innovation for our next generation of high-performance telecom applications” said Ernie Bergstrom, President of Crystal Cube Consulting and Chairperson of the AdvancedTCA Summit. “We are proud to recognize the achievements of ebm-papst, awarding them with the Best Infrastructure product for the S-Force 2200FTD series compact fan. ebm-papst has designed an outstanding product that will certainly pave the way for the future success of ATCA design and solutions.”

The newly designed extension of our S-Force line, 2200FTD series compact fan produces 30% higher airflow, a 65% higher cooling density and is 27% thinner than comparable 200mm fans currently available on the market. Because the structural dimensions feature a compact flat design, a reliable cooling solution can easily be implemented within AdvancedTCA racks, thus freeing space for additional components. The 2200FTD keeps momentum with the demands placed upon design engineers and AdvancedTCA requirements while maintaining ease of use and reliability through its integrated speed controlled motors designed to minimize the heat dissipation with up to 89% efficiency. Speed-dependent, self-ventilation of the motor guarantee running times of 70,000 hours or more. Additionally, the optimized interior contours of the housing, small gap clearance between the blade and venturi, and winglet technology on blade tips (similar to those used in aviation technology) contribute to a substantial decrease in air turbulence, thus lowering noise level. All of vital importance as the less air turbulence, the higher the possible airflow output. The 2200FTD compact fan exceeds present ATCA system cooling requirements, and they do so quietly and efficiently.

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About the AdvancedTCA Summit

The AdvancedTCA Summit is the only conference dedicated entirely to this emerging standard platform for telecommunications. It features tutorials, workshops, roundtables, paper and panel sessions, keynotes, and exhibits. Subjects include hardware, software, infrastructure, design and development methods, applications, standards, interfaces, and market research. It also covers related standards such as AdvancedMC and MicroTCA. It is produced in cooperation with such organizations as PICMG, CP-TA (Communications Platforms Trade Association), SCOPE (network equipment providers), SA (Service Availability) Forum, OpenSAF, and the AXIe Consortium (AdvancedTCA Extensions for Instrumentation and Test). For more information, visit www.advancedtcasummit.com.

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