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White papers
BUS Enabled Fans: Value-Added for Refrigeration Display Cases & Bottle Coolers
EC Motors, Explained
Effecient, Compact EC motors for High Performance Fans and Blowers
Efficient Motor Technology for the Home Appliance Industry
U.S. published articles
AxiTop substantial yearly savings in energy
High Performance Buildings, Spring 2015
Compact yet perfectly matched
ASHRAE Journal, July 2015
Efficient Motor Technology for the Home Appliance Industry
IAM, October 2016
Inside the box: Ventilation and air-conditioning technology
Engineered Systems
Passive noise reduction - options for axial and centrifugal fans
Appliance DESIGN, February 2015
Smart Refrigerator Fans Join the Internet of Things
Accelerate America 2017
The impact of variable speed drives on electrical systems
Appliance DESIGN, July 2015
Current product information
Backward curved motorized impellers
Fan blades with winglets for quiet fans
Focus on psychoacoustics
Intelligent equipment cooling - the right dose of air
Low noise fans
New generation of premix gas blowers
What is the correct type of fan: axial, radial, diagonal?