Digital Solutions and Downloads

ebm-papst Inc. offers a range of digital solutions to suite your needs.

Market Solutions Tool
The Market Solutions Tool focuses on various industry markets and showcases the products ebm-papst offers as solutions to those applications.

ebm-papst App
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android

ESM Fan Handheld Programmer Software Upgrade

Download the latest software for the ESM programmer.

Product Selector 2015 V3.0.2.6350
Find and compare ebm-papst products using our free downloadable software.

EC Control Version 2.1
EC-Control is PC software for direct digital control of ebm-papst EC fan motors. It allows visualization and parameterization of both ebmBUS and MODBUS fan motors in individual equiptment and in entire facilities.

ebm-papst Energy Savings Calculator - Version 1.1
This energy savings calculator provides users with a tool to calculate the potential savings from upgrading their existing equipment using AC fans, to using new EC fans.


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