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An overview of our Social Media activities.

Notable posts from ebm-papst Social Media

Information and videos you see here are examples from various ebm-papst posts, derived from all platforms.

ebm-papst Inc. named the winner of the “Heaviest Haul” competition for business category in the 20th Annual Farmington Town Wide Clean-up 2017

The town-sponsored event in Farmington, CT spanned a full week and participants, teams and individuals, together collected over 2 tons of trash as weighed by the town on 4/29/17. On an unseasonably warm afternoon 4/28, the ebm-papst team of 5 volunteers collected 295 pounds of trash and recyclables. Besides the many recyclable bottles and cans and general trash, we found tires, scrap metal, a fire extinguisher, a bench seat from a vehicle, a cat carrier, as well as a plethora of ticks. We focused on two locations: Route 177 between Coppermine Rd. and Portage Crossing including the Farmington Memorial Town Forest, and along Hyde Road between Rt. 6 and the ebm-papst buildings.

ebm-papst has held clean-up events since 2012. Phil Hartman, Sr. Director of Marketing at ebm-papst, has participated in all of ebm-papst’s clean-up events and comments: “We said last year that we expect to find more garbage waiting for us in 2017, and sure enough it was there! We’re glad we could assist with the town event again this year. When you drive along roads you have no idea how much trash is there until you’re on foot and up close, and it all adds up. We’d like to see some corporate competition out there in 2018 – for local companies that haven’t participated, it doesn’t take a lot of time to collect a significant amount of trash for a positive impact.”

This year’s ebm-papst volunteers hailed from the Application Engineering, Customer Relations, Manufacturing Engineering, and Marketing teams – Bill Aston, Jennifer Baker, Miriam Frease, Owen Butler, and Phil Hartman. Congratulations ebm-papst team!!

ebm-papst Inc. named the winner of the “Heaviest Haul” competition for business category in the 19th Annual Farmington Town Wide Clean-up 2016 

ebm-papst garbage clean up date / location General results
2017 - Farmington, CT Hyde Rd. / Rt. 177 strip - Farmington Memorial Town Forest 295 lbs - Won "Business Category" for :Heaviest Haul" in 20th annual Farmington Town Wide Clean-up
2016 - Farmington, CT River / Hyde Rd. Farmington Industrial Park382 lbs - Won "Business Category" for "Heaviest Haul" competition from town of Farmington
2014 - Farmington, CT River 50 lbs of trash - recyclable bottles & cans / 40 lbs of scrap metal
2013 - 100 & 110 Hyde Rd. properties Farmington, CT 77 plastic bottles, 65 aluminum cans, 37 glass bottles, 6 tires, various Styrofoam items and other trash - amounting to roughly 215 trees saved!
2012 - Farmington, CT River 1st trash clean up - 5 bags of trash with tires and road cones collected

Images from this years 2017 garbage clean-up!

Images from past years 2012 - 2016 garbage clean-ups!

Scandlines saves 2 million kWh a year with ebm-papst EC fans

Scandlines has achieved energy savings of two million kWh/yr by switching to energy-saving EC fans from ebm-papst on the hybrid ferry Rødby-Puttgarden. The majority of the savings come from the car deck with an innovative solution designed by ebm-papst.