A gentle giant for air coolers

Low-pressure axial fans are used when the focus is on high air flow rates at very low pressure. This is the case in air-cooled heat exchangers, dry coolers, cooling towers and condensers. Users can now benefit from a new combination of highly efficient, energy-saving EC fans from ebm-papst and special impellers.

With a diameter of over 1.50 meters, the low-pressure EC axial fans achieve air performance levels up to 84,000 m³/h.

Air performance levels up to 84,000 m³/h

The extremely sturdy FPX impellers made by Howden are manufactured from glass-fiber-reinforced polyester. The blades guarantee effective damping of mechanical vibrations and require minimal maintenance. In combination with ebm-papst EC motors, air performance levels of up to 84,000 m³/h are achieved, making the fans ideally suited for applications with pressure levels up to 150 Pa. The impellers on the low-pressure EC axial fans have a diameter of 60 inches (1,524 mm).

Everything built-in and perfectly coordinated

The low-pressure EC axial fans from ebm-papst are synonymous with a simple setup: As it happens, all functions required for operation are already built-in and perfectly coordinated. Instead of buying the motor, frequency converter, filter, shielded cables, impeller and fan housing individually and coordinating them with each other, as was previously the case, users are now supplied with a perfect complete system. Legal provisions complying with the Ecodesign Directive for Fans (ErP) are adhered to. Standard-compliant measurements and easy-to-follow documentation are also supplied.

Partial-load operation saves money and reduces noise

Air coolers are often used in mixed areas or in urban areas, e.g. in supermarkets or for cooling in data centers. Residential areas in particular require strict noise protection regulations to be observed. EC fans are continuously adjustable thanks to their integrated electronic control system. This means that the speed can always be adjusted as necessary to the requirements of the system or process in question. The partial-load range is one particular area where EC motors demonstrate significantly better efficiency than IE4 motors. Only the energy that is actually required is consumed. During the day, the fans can generate their full output yet also run in partial-load operation when demand is lower, such as at night. This dramatically reduces noise generation, saving energy and subsequently also money. The low-pressure EC axial fans are available for delivery now.

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